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The BSU Web Site

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    The first web site for the BSU here at Cumberland was created in the fall of 1997 by Teddy Hardy.  In the fall of 1998 the site was reformatted to be more useful for both Cumberland students on and off campus, people interested in finding out more about the Christian organizations Cumberland has to offer, and people who are just roaming the internet.  In 1999, the site was once again redesigned with a new and better look.

    The designer and current webmaster for this site is Jason McKinney, but the information available on this site comes from a multitude of sources.  All information on a ministry was provided by the council member who leads that ministry.   The Campus Minister likewise provided information on the campus minister position and personal information.  The online calendar is taken from the master calendar available to all organizations and is updated as changes are made known.  The scrapbook's pictures come from anyone who wishes to have pictures put up.  All pictures are scanned in.  BSU Travelling Ministries is for anyone interested in information or requesting the teams available in the BSU.  The request information available to download from that page is the standard letter mailed to all Baptist churches in Kentucky, but anyone may request a group.  Freshman Fire is for both students at Cumberland, and for those thinking of coming to Cumberland after high school graduation.  The Resources & Info page provides links to other pages and sites with useful information, entertainment, and organizations serving the needs of others.

    The BSU web site is designed for at least 800x600 screen resolution with at least 256 colors, but is best viewed with 1024x758 and at least 16-bit color (True Color) using Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you are using other browsers and experience any problems or notice any oddities, please let us know.  To listen to the Christian music available through the webcasts page, you will need RealAudio Realplayer G2, which can be downloaded by following the link below.  To view the downloadable documents for requesting teams, download Adobe Acrobat Reader from below.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please let us know what you think.  God bless,

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