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Master Calendar

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Day Event Time Place Contact

Fall Semester


Scrapbooking Party 2pm ADH Crystal Matrue


Enchanted Campus (Trick-or-treating for kids) 3-5pm CC Campus


5th - 7th International Student Conference/
International Missions Callbacks
Bowling Green, KY
18th Council Thanksgiving Party 5pm ADH Dean Whitaker
20th Freshman Fire Thanksgiving Dinner Assisted Housing
24th-28th Thanksgiving Break
29th Final due date for Christmas Break Trip Applications ADH Jamey Short


1st Christmas Trip Meeting   Jamey Short
6th Student Led-Led Christmas Convocation 10am Rollins Center
6th-12th AM Christmas Parties for communities Communities Anne Payne
10th Final Day of Classes for the Fall Semester
11th-17th Finals  
28th - 30th Mission Trip Louisville Baptist Center Jamey Short

Spring Semester

Please Excuse Us as We Update the Calendar

Weekly Schedule
Cumberland College Friday Bulletin


Event Place Contact


4 - 5 pm Multicultural Ministries ADH Amy Larkin
5 - 8 pm AM Mulberry Community

Eric Wren

5:30 pm Sidewalk Chalk Rehearsal ADH Brittany Rezek
8 pm Celebration Gatliff Chapel


4pm Council Meetings ADH Dean Whitaker
7 - 8 pm "Share Jesus without Fear" ADH

Eric Wren

5 - 8 pm AM

Canadatown Community

Eric Wren

8 - 10 pm Creative Ministries Practice ADH Jennifer Rice


10 - 11am AM Special Children

Williamsburg Independent School

Eric Wren

1 - 2 pm AM Special Children Whitley Middle School Eric Wren
5 - 8 pm AM Mossy Gap Community

Eric Wren

8:30 pm Freshman Fire BCC Grill

Eric Wren

5:30 pm Sidewalk Chalk Rehearsal ADH Brittany Rezek
5 - 8 pm AM Emlyn Community

Eric Wren

Miscellaneous Schedule

Cumberland College Friday Bulletin

If any of the above information is incorrect or if there are any additional dates, contact CC BSU Webmaster.

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