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The Office of Campus Ministries
Campus Minister -
Dean Whitaker

    The office of campus ministries serves the campus community through student-driven ministries. At Cumberland College the Baptist Student Union is the largest of the three campus ministries, with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Anybodies) and Campus Crusade for Christ rounding out the slate. FCA has grown tremendously through its weekly Thursday night worship services. Campus Crusade for Christ maintains several students who serve in summer missions as well as in meetings throughout the school year.

    Some folks refer to my position as "director of campus ministries," and in that capacity, I see myself as the liaison between students and the administration, faculty and staff of Cumberland. Being a "director" includes much more administrative work than one might imagine a minister would typically do--especially since we do not have a secretary here at the Angel-Dale House, where the offices of campus ministries are located. Delegation is key in order to allow 26 different ministries to function as smoothly as possible.

    Other folks refer to me as "campus minister." So... what exactly is a "campus minister?" My philosophy of ministry with students shapes how I perceive my role as campus minister. I see myself as a teacher, mentor, leader, counselor, reconciler, and servant. God has opened up my life as His servant, and Cumberland College and the KY Baptist Convention has acknowledged that call by employing me to serve vocationally in ministry with students as campus minister.

    I meet weekly with the Executive Council and bi-weekly with the Greater Council, both of which are students who serve as leaders for their particular ministry area. I also lead a bi-weekly officers' family group for any student who is interested in serving as an officer in the future. As part of the unique requirements at Cumberland College, I am asked to teach one biblical studies class, so for the past three semesters I have taught Old Testament Survey. I love teaching and the class has been an ideal place for me to meet and interact with a wide variety of students.

    One of the most significant areas of ministry for me has been through one-on-one counseling, or "listening" sessions I have with individual students. If any student needs someone to share particular stresses, problems, concerns, etc. I am available to meet with, listen to, and pray with any student. God has blessed in this way tremendously.

    Being a Baptist campus minister also entails being a part of the Kentucky Baptist Convention and several state and nation-wide projects and programs. For instance, for the past several years, I have served on the KY BSU Summer Missions Selections Committee, where we have placed over 90 students for summer missions service. Campus ministry provides an excellent blend of hands-on ministry opportunities both on the local college campus and in the state--not to mention overseas! God has called me to serve Him through ministry with students and to students, and I am thankful for the opportunity to fulfill that call at Cumberland College.

Dean Whitaker