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BSU Council
Executive Council & Family Groups

Coordinator: Kevin Floyd

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Coordinator: David Riggs

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Coordinator: Aaron Stevens

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Coordinator: Lori Grigsby

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Missions Fundraisers
Coordinator: Matt Joyce

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Prayer Ministry
Coordinator: Jennifer Dyer

    Prayer is essential in our daily lives and is a means to call on God for help in times of need.  The prayer chain coordinates both a telephone prayer chain and a prayer chain letter.  Whenever an emergency or crisis with family or friends arises, one can call on of the prayer chain leaders, who will spread the prayer request throughout those involved in the prayer chain.

    The letter is produced every week.  The requests in the letter are given to the leaders either by word of mouth, mail, email, or telephone.  The requests that are given over the telephone are also given in the letter.

    The prayer ministry also coordinates prayer meetings, either weekly, before special events, or as desired by students.  Anyone is invited to participate at a prayer meeting.  Likewise, anyone student or faculty who wishes to join the prayer chain may.  The prayer family group allows those who feel a burden to pray meet together with those who share the same burden.

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Coordinator: Nadia Ghoughi

    What we do as a BSU has no purpose if there is no one to join us in our activities. That is the goal and ministry of publicity: to reach out to the Cumberland campus.  The responsibility of the publicity group is to publicize to this campus everything that the BSU sponsors.  Hopefully, if successful, we can bring in new faces to join us in celebrating God and all that He has done for us!

    The publicity family group provides a means for the artisticly inclined, the creative, and anyone else to meet together for fellowship while still meeting the needs of the BSU for publicity, including creating posters, insuring that the Convocation bulletin contains the correct information, and whatever other means that may be found.

So that all men may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom.
Proverbs 145:12

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