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On the Road...
BSU Travelling Ministries

Teams  -  Requesting  -   Sound Equipment

Loading on the bus

    With six separate ministries (Revival Teams, Reflections, Sacred Vision, Creative Ministries,  Sidewalk Chalk, and Sound) available for request, someone is on the road about every weekend.  Below, you can find out what each group does, their schedule, and take a look at some of their pictures.   Further down the page, you can find the information necessary for requesting a team.

Teams Available

Meal on the road Creative Ministries pictures
Praise Band
Reflections Ensemble pictures
Revival Teams
Sacred Vision Ensemble
SideWalk Chalk pictures

Requesting a Group or Service

Each group is available upon request with a BSU request form.  There are two ways to obtain a request form. The first is to contact Dean Whitaker at:

Baptist Student Union
Team Request
7521 College Station Drive
Williamsburg, KY 40769-7521

(606) 539-4343

You may also download the documents over the internet.  The document contains a request form, information on the individual teams, and other information.  A team cannot be requested without reading all the request papers and filling out the request forms.  The documents are compressed in PDF formatwhich means that you must download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

getacro.gif (712 bytes)

If you decide to request a team, return the request to the address above.  To download the document, click on the link:
Revival Team Request Document

    If you wish to request the BSU sound system, contact Dean Whitaker, 539-4343 or Sonny Lethcoe.  The system can be setup, run, and torn-down by the BSU sound crew.  If you wish to use the equipment without a BSU sound crew member, you must have someone experienced in operating the equipment.   Details may be worked out with Dean Whitaker.

Equipment Available:

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