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BSU Ministries

The BSU Council is the leadership body of the BSU.  The chairs of each group meet regularly to ensure unity and understanding within the council.   Although individual chairs are responsible for the particular ministry, the council often comes together to help others and the ministries themselves.

Each ministry in the Executive Council also serves as a family group.   Family groups are designed to provide fellowship and ministry opportunities for all who seek to serve.  Contact the ministry leader for more information on the particular family group.

Several of the ministries travel for music, drama, or general ministry needs in places other than Cumberland College.  These groups are available through the Campus Ministries office.  For more information, go to the On the Road page.

Find out more about Freshman Fire, the BSU freshman council.

Family Group




Campus Minister

Dean Whitaker
Campus Intern Anne Payne
President Michael Cabell
Vice-President Jessica Margrave
Secretary Amanda Long

Executive Council & Family Group Leaders

Discipleship Kevin Floyd
Evangelism David Riggs
Fellowship Aaron Stevens
Inreach Lori Grigsby
Missions Fundraisers Matt Joyce
Prayer Ministry Jennifer Dyer
Publicity Nadia Ghoughi

General Council

Appalachian Ministries

Creative Ministries

Jennifer Rice
Men's Dorm Ministry T.J. Wright
Missions Projects Jamey Short
Multicultural Ministries Amy Larkin
Praise Band Aaron Austin
Public Relations Cristy Hall
Reflections Ensemble Jennifer McBay
Renovare' Groups Jamie Johnson
Sacred Vision Ensemble Josh Wilcox
Scrapbook Crystal Matrau
SideWalk Chalk Brittany Rezek
Sound Sonny Lethcoe
Sports Ministry Nathan Riner

Women's Dorm Ministry

Melissa Chrisman

Woman On Mission

Andrea Honeycutt

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